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Sevastopol Train Schedule

Sevastopol located at the one of the most removal (from Kiev) point of Ukraine - at the Southwest corner of the Crimean peninsula on the Black Sea coast. This biggest city of Crimea has train and bus transportation with all major cities of Ukraine. And since 2010 remade to a civilian ex-military Sevastopol Airport "Belbek" (UKS) accepts flights from Kiev, Moscow and Dnepropetrovsk. In any case most of the visitors arrive to Sevastopol by train or by car (2h ride from Simferopol Airport/Railway. See Sevastopol taxi).

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If you plan to take a train connecting to your international flight from Boryspol Airport, allow at least 3 hours between arrival and departure.

Please note, that train tickets can be booked only 40 days prior to the date of departure date.

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From Sevastopol To Sevastopol
Train N Departure Arrival Train N Departure Arrival
018 05:24pm 06:21am 090 09:30pm 10:41am
048 11:20pm 11:50am 047 07:53pm 07:45am
008 10:28pm 10:38am 017 11:09pm 10:41am
028 06:03pm 01:06am 028 06:00am 01:13pm
018 05:24pm 07:42pm 017 10:21am 10:41am
028 06:03pm 02:22am 028 04:50am 01:13pm
040 01:21pm 07:08am 040 01:05pm 06:17am
028 06:03pm 11:23am 028 08:21pm 01:13pm
040 01:21pm 03:03pm 017 08:56am 10:41am
018 05:24pm 07:09pm 028 11:23am 01:13pm
040 01:21pm 08:31pm 040 11:12pm 06:17am

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